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There are many variables that can affect the final cost of installing wood flooring. The type or specie of hardwood floor you want installed, it’s availability and current market cost, labor cost and other logistics that needs to be considered by the flooring contractor such as ease and availability of parking, current condition of the existing flooring etc. 

Now a days, the cost to install hardwood flooring can range from $14 to $32 per square foot. So if you’re looking to install a total of 200 Square Feet of hardwood flooring you are looking at around $2800 in the lower end and around $6400 at a higher end. 

Refinishing is one way to bring back the beauty of your hardwood flooring. The cost to refinish hardwood floors can range between $3 to $8 per square foot. This involves sanding off scratches, stains, old finish and other imperfections from the wood flooring. It will then be followed by applying fresh coats of polyurethane finish. 

Buffing or screening is sometimes referred to by homeowners as “cleaning hardwood floors. Buffing hardwood floors involves lightly sanding off the old finish from the existing floor and a coat of finish is then re applied to bring back its shine. However, it can only remove imperfections that are on the finish. 

Tough stains, deep scratches and dents can not be removed by buffing alone. Sanding and refinishing is required to address this issues. 

Called for their free on site estimate for my hardwood floors that needs sanding, staining and refinishing also needed some water damaged repair at my kitchen, and I also needed some new hardwood floor installed in my girls bedroom. The response was very quick and professional. When Uri came to my house he took a look at the floors and took measurements he answered all my questions patiently and knowledgeably. We decided to hire them and it was one of the best decision we made. The floors now look amazing. They sanded, stained and refinished it to perfection and now it looks like brand new. The installation in my girls room went so well. It was done fast but very detailed oriented. Uri was never an absentee contractor. He was always there making sure the job was done right. I promised him that i'll put out a good word for him, but there's not enough good words to tell you guys how wonderful this company to work with. We are appreciative of the kind of customer service they had shown us. Definitely highly recommended!