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Resurfacing Your Hardwood Floors This Spring

Resurfacing hardwood floors is a sure fire way to update your wood flooring. Specially during the spring time when it usually means spring cleaning! So before you start busting your chops making your home sparkly clean; Let me remind you that nothing like a well polished, newly buffed or refinished hardwood floor to bring your spring cleaning in full circle. So what is the Difference? When do we buff the floors and when do we do sanding?

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Having your hardwood floor buffed occasionally would make your wood floor more durable and will usually take care of the light stains and scratches on the finish. Buffing is a lighter process of sanding the floor and applying a coat of polyurethane finish.

Sanding hardwood floors is a more thorough way of resurfacing the floor.  It requires a more abrasive kind of sandpaper to remove deeper scratches, dents, and imperfections off of the wood flooring. After evenly sanding we apply three coats of the polyurethane finish. The finish that we apply is water-based and if our clients have a special preference for a finished example with no VOC finishes then we apply that as well.

It is fairly important that you have a professional and experienced Los Angeles hardwood floor refinisher do the Resurfacing of your floors. This ensures that the sanding process is done right the first time and will not waste the precious wear layer of your hardwood flooring.

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